Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday Bloggers Shopping Spree

Hey hey everyone, it's time for another fantastic sale brought to you by Quilts Galore! This is a group of wonderful etsians who have a sale every Saturday, so check them out for terrific deals on this Saturday only, March 27! Please write 20% off in the message to seller, and I will adjust/refund your account! I have created a special section "Weekend Sale" for your convenience, so please take advantage!

I am putting all my comforters on sale this Saturday March 27. Take 20% off any comforter in my store, including this gorgeous gold silk throw:

and my lovely exotic birds comforter from my spring collection:

Hurry hurry hurry and take advantage of this opportunity to own an original unique piece from Custom Designs by Nancy, and be sure to look at the other Saturday Bloggers for other great sales!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sometimes a project doesn't turn out well, and there isn't much I can do to correct whatever went wrong (sigh). So I have to reject it - it's not sellable - heck. So what happens? I get to keep it for my own use! Ah ha! I just finished a pillow, and I just couldn't get the zipper right. And worse, I had cut the fabric a little and couldn't hide it or fix it. So, now I have a new pillow for my living room sofa. Take a look. And see how I messed up the zipper. The end product just didn't pass quality control, and I would never try to sell something that isn't up to par.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I had to put down my cat Punkinhead yesterday. She hadn't been eating and was so skinny. I was afraid she would starve to death, so I finally took her to the vet. I don't have a job and have limited resources, and I was hoping she would get well on her own. That's why I delayed taking her to see a doctor. He examined her, and could hardly hear her heart, it was so muffled. After an x-ray he explained her lungs were full of fluid. He didn't know the cause, either a tumor or heart disease, and advised the best thing was to put her down.

That was in my mind as I was driving to the vet. She was about 20yrs old and sickly. But when the vet confirmed, I was so sad. I held her as he injected her, and it was all over. And now I really miss her. I am in mourning.

Eventually I will get another cat, but right now I am so sad, and crying as I write this. In a little while - next week maybe. Not today.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday Bloggers Shopping Spree 4

Hi everyone! It's time again for the Saturday Bloggers Sale! This weekend only from Friday to Sunday midnight my entire spring collection is on sale! Take 15% off any item. Please write Saturday Blog in message to seller when you place your order and I will adjust your invoice, or refund through paypal.

Choose from my spring pillows, including my brand-new just listed Yellow Floral:

or one of my tablerunners, like this beautiful piece in Lee Jofa fabric:

And be sure to click on the Saturday Bloggers link on my left sidebar to see more great sales from other etsy shops, for Saturday only!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Egg Trick

The Egg Trick

My sister sent me this video of Johnny Carson and Dom DeLouise on the Tonight Show from way back when, when comedy meant doing funny things live, without using any dirty language whatsoever - think of that, clean comedy. This clip is hilarious. You will laugh out loud many times while watching, and be amazed by the trick. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Egg Trick.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturday Bloggers Shopping Spree 3

Hello everyone out there in bloggerland! Tomorrow is another opportunity to shop at Saturday Bloggers for some great deals! Read exciting and interesting blogs take ADVANTAGE of new items on sale. Just click on the "Saturday Bloggers" on my left sidebar to be instantly connected.

I work on Saturdays so can't promote as much as I want to on Saturday, so I promote the Saturday Bloggers all weekend, starting on Fridays, and my sale goes through Sunday midnight. This weekend only I am offering 30% off one of my gorgeous bedspreads, normally $300, now just $200! This has the most hearts in my shop, now only $200 plus shipping:

Meanwhile, let me update you on my current work-in-progress. I have one square of the gold/patterned silk pretty much done, and I started thinking how to finish the back:

If I make pillows, I would need to insert batting with a backer cloth and finish each piece as if they were table toppers before marrying them with a zipper closure. Hmmmm. And, while trying to decide whether to make one or two pillows I had pulled out various possible complementary materials, I started to think about making a 9-square comforter instead, especially when I realized I had made the square a wee bit too small for my pillow inserts (oops).

I really like the textural and color dance these fabrics create:

These pictures don't really do the colors justice, and I need more gold and yellow, but I think that yes, I will make a comforter for $300, even though I have yet to sell a bedspread for $300. Please remember my bedspreads are on sale this weekend! But believe it or not, it will be almost as much work to make a comforter as a pillow - all that batting and the zippers, compared to all that batting and NO zippers. Also, I am hoping to do craft shows in the Hamptons this summer, and could possibly sell it there, please God.

And I continue to work on my spring collection. I made a ladybug/moire check plaid pillow and listed it the other day:

Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog, and for looking in at my shop. Please look at the other Saturday Bloggers blogs and shops, too, and happy shopping!