Thursday, March 4, 2010

Saturday Bloggers Shopping Spree 3

Hello everyone out there in bloggerland! Tomorrow is another opportunity to shop at Saturday Bloggers for some great deals! Read exciting and interesting blogs take ADVANTAGE of new items on sale. Just click on the "Saturday Bloggers" on my left sidebar to be instantly connected.

I work on Saturdays so can't promote as much as I want to on Saturday, so I promote the Saturday Bloggers all weekend, starting on Fridays, and my sale goes through Sunday midnight. This weekend only I am offering 30% off one of my gorgeous bedspreads, normally $300, now just $200! This has the most hearts in my shop, now only $200 plus shipping:

Meanwhile, let me update you on my current work-in-progress. I have one square of the gold/patterned silk pretty much done, and I started thinking how to finish the back:

If I make pillows, I would need to insert batting with a backer cloth and finish each piece as if they were table toppers before marrying them with a zipper closure. Hmmmm. And, while trying to decide whether to make one or two pillows I had pulled out various possible complementary materials, I started to think about making a 9-square comforter instead, especially when I realized I had made the square a wee bit too small for my pillow inserts (oops).

I really like the textural and color dance these fabrics create:

These pictures don't really do the colors justice, and I need more gold and yellow, but I think that yes, I will make a comforter for $300, even though I have yet to sell a bedspread for $300. Please remember my bedspreads are on sale this weekend! But believe it or not, it will be almost as much work to make a comforter as a pillow - all that batting and the zippers, compared to all that batting and NO zippers. Also, I am hoping to do craft shows in the Hamptons this summer, and could possibly sell it there, please God.

And I continue to work on my spring collection. I made a ladybug/moire check plaid pillow and listed it the other day:

Thank you for reading and commenting on this blog, and for looking in at my shop. Please look at the other Saturday Bloggers blogs and shops, too, and happy shopping!


  1. Happy Saturday Blog Shopping. Your bedspreads are gorgeou! Hoping for sales today:) Come one, come all:)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Going to take a peek in your shop!!!


  2. The bedspread is beautiful. And I really like the ladybug pillow. My DIL loves ladybugs. Hope you do well today.

  3. Beautiful and good handiwork! Good luck today!

  4. so pretty! wish I could keep nice stiff on my bed! my kids just CANNOT be trusted! :D

  5. I love seeing your work in progress! Now off to your shop!

  6. Beautiful fabrics! I always enjoy reading about other crafter's work, especially pillows. I invite you to visit my Etsy shop to see my work as well.

    ~~~Karen from The Beaded Pillow

  7. ooooh that will make a luxurious bedspread! ;)