Thursday, April 8, 2010


Who knew when I started making catnip pillows that they would become my best selling item? I was HOPING my bedspreads would be, and I could actually support myself selling my goods on etsy:

But NOOOO. I sold a lot of aprons during the holidays, at shows, but not so much online

It took forever to sell any pillows, and then my brother bought three for a Christmas present to his wife, and I sold 2 more at a show. Meanwhile, I had bought at least a dozen 20"x20" inserts, and they were in a great big box in my kitchen - you have no idea how small my space is - and I just wanted that box out of my life, so I made a whole slew of pillows:

which get a whole lot of views and hearts, but none of them have sold, even on sale (sigh). No, turns out my best selling item is my catnip, which get rave reviews from my customers:

The cats love them! Thanks for beginning their new year with nippy joy ^_^
I will translate from my kitty's reaction to the catnip pillow: "What's this? BLISS!!! I never knew I could be so happy!"

I still have about a dozen available, and will have to make more, I guess, to keep up with the demand!


  1. Isn't it strange what ends up being your most successful item!!?? Your pillows, bedspreads and aprons are beautiful though. Who knows what the secret is on etsy!?? :)

  2. Welcome to UWIB!! So glad to have you with us. Your work is just beautiful!!

  3. well at least something is selling!
    love the fabrics on your catnips pillows

  4. I think it's only normal, we (crazy) cat people are a huge market! :P

  5. i find it so hard to predict what will sell online and what sells at fairs too! so unpredictable!! ;)

  6. Well, if catnip pillows are your best seller, then I'd make the best darn catnip pillows there were! You could always make tiny cat furniture with comforters and catnip pillows too! Loved the post today, made me laugh! May the "creative force" be with you! See ya next week! Glad you're feeling better!