Sunday, February 14, 2010


This is my (belated) Saturday bloggers post for Saturday bloggers in Unique Women in Business. If you are a member of UWIB and wish to purchase anything from my shop, please add "UWIB" in your message to seller, and I will give you 10% off your paypal invoice. Thank you, all Saturday Bloggers! And please follow the link to Saturday Bloggers on the left to see more great shops, and follow some other terrific blogs.

Hey hey I sold all my large potholders! Yippee for me! Unfortunately, there was some confusion over which potholders my customers wanted, and how many they thought they had purchased. It all worked out in the end, but now I will list them differently. Instead of "assorted large potholders", I will list each pattern/color separately, to be sure my customers get exactly what they want. Now to make more!

The blue and yellow Laura Ashley toile is the most popular, so I decided to make them first, but I did cut out and start sewing ten new large size potholders/trivets at the same time. I find it faster and more efficient to think production line when creating many of the same item. First, cutting and sewing:

Then, snipping corners and turning inside out:

The trick to a good product is constantly ironing, every single step. This allows for quality control too, snipping threads and resewing seams that don't meet inspection:

Finally finishing, which means sewing the last seam and quilting concentric rectangles.

Hours later, I finished four blue and yellow Laura Ashleys first, so I could post them right away:

And now I have to finish the blue and white Laura Ashleys. I did two in blue and white. These pictures show the two sides of the two pieces, and a closeup of one:

And the blue and white Winterthur Museum toile. I did four of these. I really like the crisp fabric and sharp image, the dark blue print. Again, I show the two sides of the four pieces, and a closeup of one of them:

I will be finishing these and listing them as separate items on my etsy store as Blue and White Laura Ashley Large Potholders/Trivets and Blue and White Winterthur Museum Large Potholders/Trivets. Please look for them coming soon!


  1. Happy Saturday Blog Shopping! Your potholders are amazing! I will be stopping by your Etsy store as well.

    See you next Saturday:)


  2. Great little post for Saturday Blog shopping. Your potholders and your instructions on how you make them are great. Thanks for stopping by my store.

  3. Better late than never, right? Thanks for visiting my store! I love toile! My daughter helped me fall in love with it when my little granddaughter was born. See you next Saturday!

  4. Those pot holders are so nice! And I love all the attention to detail that you have.

  5. That was exhausting! So glad I bought them ready-made from do such great work!

  6. Those are awesome! Love the fabrics you chose.

  7. That toile is just gorgeous. You make me want to get back to sewing!!!

  8. I love the toile fabrics you used.. so pretty and very francais! ;)

  9. Nice to see a classic and timeless fabric such as toile being used. I bet it is one of your customers favorite fabrics.

    Your handcrafted potholders look marvelous and with all that batting they should really protect one's hand from the heat of a hot pot. Of course your potholders are so pretty, I would imagine a great many people use them only for decoration and would hate to get them soiled. :)