Monday, December 7, 2009


I am a firm believer in supporting my fellow crafters/artists, and want to share with you the shops I have purchased from this year. Some of the products will be Christmas presents, others are for myself, and Teaman is for freebies that I send with my sold items, except for the chai which I hoard for myself - hahaha. I am very happy with all these fellow etsians, and recommend them to you. - bath and body products, jewelry - crocheted dishcloths and other cloths for the kitchen - assorted handblended teas - delicious! - jewelry, bath products, assorted herbs - amusing signs - gorgeous soaps - self explanatory - wrapped silver jewelry - graphic designs - she designed my banner, logo, business cards, etc. - jewelry

and remember our battle cry - BUY HANDMADE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!


  1. I'm way behind with my Christmas shopping... so thanks for posting this. I'm sure all the shops are awesome so I will check them out. Maybe next year I will be more organized!

  2. Gonna check out some of these shops! Thanks for posting your list! :)