Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well folks, hope everyone had a lovely and feasting Thanksgiving day. I know I did. My sister and I went to my famous Aunt Sally's house in Connecticut, where all her huband's Harry's children and THEIR children were all carousing and having a friendly noisy party, the way a good party should be.

I brought a lot of my aprons, and when I felt the time was right, I asked the ladies to model them for me. It had gone so well last time - please see Gorgeous Georgina - I wanted to do it again. My cousin-in-law Christina was very happy to oblige:

George was happy to oblige too. What a guy!

And then everyone wanted to get in on the act:

Don't they look nice? Thank you Candace, Darol and Christina!!!!

The kids played on the sofa:

And even let the grown-ups play:

Harry carved the turkey, Blythe brought her delicious butternut squash soup, we had all the fixings, and dinner stretched out for a couple of hours.

Harry's favorite part of dinner is the blueberry pie:

After dinner the kids wanted to play scrabble! Who knew they were so literate and liked word games? My sister Nora is the family champion, so we formed two teams against her. Seth and I were the 1st team and Hannah and her father George formed the 2nd team, but soon eveybody was standing around giving advise and challenging words.

About 1 hour into the game:

James and Scott played rock 'n roll, the scrabble players danced in their chairs, Seth forgot tokeep score until we reminded him, and Nora won, of course. And a great time was had by all!


  1. What a nice family you have! Looks like you all had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I love how you had your family model your fabulous aprons! Very fun!

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time with modeling and music and games and great food. I would be a little scared of the white sofa!

  3. looks like a great Thanksgiving was had by all!! :) The aprons are gorgeous!!! And they've got that perfect little touch of retro glam in them! :P

  4. looks and sounds like a wonderful time!
    I am here because of the interview on Deb's blog! I so enjoyed seeing your work and hearing about you. Have you ever thought of making just plain napkins by themselves? I don't need more placemats, but napkins, yes, because I don't use paper, just cloth. anyway, a thought.