Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is a family blog about a party my aunt had for a long-lost cousin from England who has been living in Florida with her mother for several years now, whom we only occassionally saw. Georgina and I share common great-grandparents - her grandfather and my grandfather were brothers, which makes us 2nd cousins. At the party there were children of her 2nd cousins, and I'm not sure if they are 3rd cousins or 2nd cousins once removed - all very confusing, but I said we were all kissing cousins, and that made everyone happy.

My Aunt Sally threw a terrific party at her house in Connecticut. There was food, wine, champagne, laughter and well-behaved children. Georgina is gorgeous, and modeled one of my new aprons:

...and so I call her Gorgeous Georgina! So long, so tall, beautiful strawberry blonde hair, nice smile, really great gal.

Aunt Sally modeled my other apron...

She is Queen of the Kitchen in her stylish bistro apron! My cousin Katy bought both of them! Hooray!

Rock on Katy!

My cousin Gillian and her husband Pete and their two children came, too. They are a lovely family, coping with jobs, a new house, a new car, and two small children. We always have a lot of fun when we're together. (By the way, those are all my pillows on the sofa behind everyone.)

That's little Miles upside-down! And Alio is eating cookies after Daddy said it was OK. Here is baby Miles by himself - big blue know all the ladies adore him...

Here are the ladies - cousins and my Aunt Sally...

Harry carved the turkey and we partied on like troopers. There's always a ton of food - ham and turkey, asparagus with hollandiase, sweet potatoes, gravy and stuffing, with apple pie for dessert.

Ellory and Alio are cousins, too, but that's another 2nd cousins? 3rd cousins? question which I can't answer (but my brother can - he researched all this once upon a time) but they are buddies. In this picture Alio has just been told she can only have 2 cookies, and she is saying "Daadddyyy!"

Sally is a ceramicist. This is her studio where she throws 10lb blocks of clay around on her wheel and makes beautiful bowls and sculptures. She also does watercolors, and exhibits in various galleries and in shows. Click on these pictures and you can really see her work.
Ellory and Alio played with Sally's clay. They made fruit and a bowl to put them in - that's a watermelon, not a potato:

Speaking of cats, here is Sasha. He's a big guy, 20lbs of solid muscle except for that fat waddle under his stomach. He is a fierce hunter, a terror to all the small furry beasts of the woodland.

That's a big frog Sally made. Sasha likes to lay himself around it and paw it for anything that moves.

Here are the boys of the party - my cousin Scott, Pete and Miles:

Towards the end of the party baby Miles became sleepy in Daddy's arms.

And now it's time to leave. Little Miles models my red hat. A little young for the Red Hat Society, and perhaps not the politically correct gender, but he's cute in it:

Bye Bye! Bye Bye! Bye Bye!


  1. What a great little glimpse into your life! You have a lovely, gigantic family, and you're making me miss all my own people on the other side of the country!!!

  2. aww what a nice family you have! mines would be complete havoc compared to this and not so civil I bet haha!

  3. What a great post! Those aprons are gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Wonderful looking family and cute kitty =) Pretty aprons!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Family time is so wonderful!

  6. FUN! I love the apron Georgina is modeling, by the way. Those colors are SO up my alley :) Beautiful!

  7. What a nice glimpse into the domestic and family side of your life. A large family is such a great gift - I treasure mine and can see that yours is treasured as well.
    Have a great week~

  8. I love seeing pics like this! Everyone seems so happy and having fun. The food sounded good too.! Thanks!

  9. Love the apron Georgina is wearing :)

  10. I love the top apron and Miles is so cute!