Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Show in Connecticut

Hello everyone out there in blogland! My lovely Aunt Sally, a ceramicist for many years, has a Christmas sale/show in her house in Connecticut every year with my cousin-in-law Christina Stankard Aldrich, a jeweler with her own following. This year they invited me to participate! Hooray for me! So I am inviting you all to join us at 135 Peacable Ridge Rd in Ridgefield CT 06877 on Dec 6 from noon to 4-5pm. Sally has a website where you can see her art - both pottery and watercolors, and please browse my store to see what I will be offering. This is a chance to meet me and see my goods live and in person. You know, it's one thing to look at pictures, it's quite another to pick the item up and feel the texture, and how your hand accepts the piece. Also, things can look different in person than in a photo, no matter how good the lighting etc.

I look forward to meeting you there! Have a lovely day and God bless us everyone!


  1. I'd love to come... I am too far away :( Have TONS of fun though!

  2. I wish I could come! I hope you sell lots of stuff!