Wednesday, August 11, 2010


More Rhode Island!!!!

My sister has been hooping for a couple of years now, and brought her hoops to RI while we were on vacation. She was very good about doing it every day (I know!!!). She demonstrated her skills to me, and told me "this is the corkscrew", or "watch me do it with my hands only" and "this one is really hard". I tried a couple of times and it IS hard, but I didn't want to try too hard because my knee is still a little out of whack, and those circular motions scared me. My knee is healing nicely, all the walking to the beach and swimming was good exercise, my knee is much stronger now, but I didn't want to chance throwing it out and causing myself immense sharp pain.

So here's Nora hooping it up. I forget which is the corkscrew, and which is what, except for the arms and hands which are obvious. She sure has good time with it, though, as you can see:


  1. It IS hard! I was really good as a kid, but this is one skill that is NOT like riding a bike - you have to relearn it, at least I did.

  2. My move would be "watch me twirl it around my waist three times"... yes, I am that bad at it! ;)

  3. Oh she looks like she is having fun. I remember doing that back in the day, I wasn't bad but I know I couldn't do it very well now. I think I would have to go on a hunt for my waist first LOL! T :)