Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For those who have missed me, I have been posting to my new blog lately, but now I'm back at My Heart and Mind, to tell you of my wonderful little one week vacation in Rhode Island, on the beach! When we were kids my grandparents rented a cottage in Quonochontaug, affectionately known as Quonnie, and my brother and sister and I would play in the ocean all day and then laugh all night playing Scrabble with my grandmother and great-aunt. Really great memories. Now we're all grown up, and my cousin has a little house near a beach in Rhode Island, near Watch Hill and Westerly, which they lent to my sister and me for the last week of July. YAY!!!!!! The weather was wonderful, the water was gorgeous and the lobster delicious. We invited a friend, and just played for a whole week.

This is the house:

This is my bedroom:

the living room

and the family room

We walked to the beach

The BEACH!!!!

Apres le beach, le fromage et vino!

This is me, Nan. I'm wearing a pretty little headband I bought from PrettyLilGirls

my sister and friend

et le fromage et vino!

We went shopping, too, in Watch Hill. My sister's new clothes - isn't she lovely?

And she bought a ring for me, for my birthday. An amethyst in a beautiful setting. Ain't she the best?

and one for herself, we believe a carnelian

What a great time we had. I will be posting more blogs about RI: my sister hooping, the natural life around us, trees, flowers, hummingbirds...stay tuned!


  1. This looks so amazing. I admit I am a little jealous... a week at the beach sounds great right about now. And look at those rings ... gorgeous!!

  2. Lovely! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the last week of July :)

  3. Nancy, it looks like you guys had such a fun time!

    Wine and cheese on the beach, how chic :) T.

  4. It is so wonderful to see you back! I am now following you on both blogs! It looks like you had a fab time!