Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Rhode Island!

The house we stayed in while on vacation in Rhode Island had a lovely mimosa tree in the backyard, that smelled so sweet, and there were hummngbirds! A small flock, I think maybe 6 or 8 birds. I could see them best from the bathroom window. I tried to take pictures of them but they were so fast, WHOOSH and they were gone in a blur of wings.

On our walk to the beach there were plenty of beautiful gardens and plants, lots of hibiscus and hydrangeas, and a funny little pine decorated with shovels and playthings, like a Christmas tree.

This is the summertime Christmas tree decorated with toys and shovels. Dig the pink flamingo:

When we were on the actual beach road there were glorious beach roses, all bright red with their hips, and a few flowers that were wonderfully fragrant.

And then the ocean! It was pretty calm, and shallow, and nicely cold which was so refreshing after the hot walk and then basking in the hot sun. Here's me glorying in the whole experience - please ignore the flabby arms.

Ah, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


  1. i am so glad u luved it here,it is so nice here in the summer! and more people should come to my state more often :)

  2. What a lovely walk to the beach :)

    I really love the imaginative Summer time Xmas tree, that is awesome.

    The ocean looks so inviting :)

    You certainly look like you are having a great time and isn't that what vacas are all about, thanks for sharing your joy, :) T.

  3. So colorful! Both the flowers and the beach toys :)

  4. Ahhh....yes...summer at the beach. Those aren't flabby arms - they're angel wings!

  5. Lovely photos. Cute Summer Christmas Tree :)

  6. That Summer Christmas tree looks so fun!

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