Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Poppy Place Appreciation Day

This is a blog about a friend I have made on etsy, in the forums and following her blogs, Poppy Place. She is a photographer and artist, a generous soul and supportive friend. She is a member of POE, Photographers of Etsy, and she sells her pictures at Photos by Chipperfield. These are a couple of favorites of mine:

Beautiful Poppy

Twilight Over Mt. Hood

She also paints and is a serious artist. I love this watercolor of hers:

Golden Waterlilies

She sews, too! Check out this beautiful little piece:

I follow her blogs also, which are always interesting and entertaining, and you may enjoy them too!


  1. Oh Nancy, you are such a sweetheart. Thank you so very much for your kind words. It has been so much fun getting to know you and I cherish your kindness!

    Thanks again my Dear Blogger Buddy :)

    Have a lovely Day, T. :)

  2. aw, how nice to see T getting the blog love! i follow her too, and always enjoy "Friday Flowers" and "when T rules the world!" :D

    great blogger, awesome photog, lovely gal. :)

  3. her blog always has such awesome photos! Hooray for blog love! ;)